Dayweaver – Hurricane (2020)

There are some topics that songs rarely cover and the challenge of deciding whether or not to have children is one of them. This is where ‘Hurricane’ by Dayweaver comes in as it tells the tale of a couple facing this challenge. Drawing partly on ‘A Little Life’ by author Hanya Yanagihara, the track considers the impact of putting off major life decisions until you can’t anymore.

This story is told to the collective embracing of music that forms the basis of the bands sound. Marcel Young, John Nomski and Yari Inzaghi are creating a space where you can be alone while still held in a warm embrace. Each month, the band releases a new single that helps the chase the ghosts and chill away.

‘Hurricane’ uses deep and zinging tones to draw you into the sound. There is a depth to the melody that makes you think you are just scratching the surface. The expansive sound swells throughout the track to swallow you and surround you in a dreamy haze. As you are covered in the swell, there is something about the melody that lets you float on it like water. As the song progresses, there is a slight change to the underlying vibe of the melody which works so well with the focus of the track.

Young’s vocals add to the hazy dreaminess of the track as it floats along the melody like a leaf in the wind. The harmonisations on the chorus compound this feeling as the almost echoing of the vocals forms an overlapping effect. The flow of the performance gives you the chance to really sink into the lyrics. There is something very relatable about the lyrics as they work through the feeling of pushing something away until you can’t anymore.

The hazy and dreamy soundscape of ‘Hurricane’ by Dayweaver leaves you floating while considering all the major life decisions you have put off. The floating synths, zinging notes and hazy vocals come together perfectly for an emotional yet calming track.

Find out more about Dayweaver on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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