Jaimee Harris – Creatures (2021)

A lot of things seem to be different in the night from places to people. Jaimee Harris considers how people and situations appear less dangerous and more desirable at night in her single ‘Creatures’. A single that has been a staple in her full band and acoustic sets for years, it has you wrestling with whether or not to process the dangers you know about a decision you are going to make.

The single continues the thoughtful soundscapes of her previous releases. With an intimate feeling to her music, she uses her voice and guitar to enthral you. With a skill that has been developed over years of performing with and without a band, she carefully crafts songs that will make you pause and really think about things.

The acoustic version of ‘Creatures’ pulls you in with Harris’ vocals. The harmonisations in the opening create a depth to the music that has you sinking into the richness. When her vocals come in again, there is a wonderful earthy folk feeling to it. The modulation of her performance has you lost in the story of the lyrics. You can almost hear the night creeping between the lyrics and the wonder of how the night can change things. Through her performance, you feel all these emotions while journeying through the conflicting feelings of wanting to gloss over the dangers of a situation. The harmonisations come back for the chorus to take everything to a new level.

Driving the melody is the acoustic guitar that strums against your ears. The guitar melody brings more of that folk feeling to the song while enhancing the power of Harris’ vocals. With the stripped back acoustic melody, you really get the full hit of her vocals while riding the harmonisations which could be lost with a full band. The melody also offers an intimate feeling like you are in a cosy room working through the thoughts of the lyrics.

Jaimee Harris draws you into conflicting thoughts and emotions as she wrestles with romanticising danger in the night in ‘Creatures’. The acoustic version of this single has an intimate melody driven by the acoustic guitar. This enhances the power of the vocals and the richness of the harmonisations.

Find out more about Jaimee Harris on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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