Parker Sounds – Tightrope (2020)

The push and pull of dysfunctional relationships form the basis of ‘Tightrope’, the new single from Parker Sounds. Exploring the committed devotion of two people, the band uses poignant lyrics and deep fundamentals to tell the tale. Through the music, you work through the build-up of resentment and fighting that threatens the relationship. You are left with a sense that things are over, but neither partner wants to admit it.

The band continues the catchy sound they unleashed with ‘Prison Cell’ and ‘Discoface’. As they keep the fundamentals of the track simple, they help you connect with the depths of the topic. If the last two singles did not get you into their sound, this single could be the one that does.

‘Tightrope’ draws you in with a groovy opening line. There is an infectious hook to the notes that grab your shoulders and will not let them go. The easiness of the melody has you moving to the band’s flow. While the melody is getting down to the fundamentals, there are a number of layers that lightly meld and work together. This creates a sound that is captivating while not being overpowering. The emotional push and pull of the lyrics are played out in the movement of the melody.

While the melody offers some of the emotional movement, it is Alick Kilsby’s vocals that really bring them to the fore. His vocals have a smoothness that you can’t help but enjoy as his performance slides over you. His performance rises and falls with the push and pull of the relationship. The emotions of his performance reach a peak when the chorus comes. There is a lot of power in his voice that helps the emotional hit land.

Parker Sounds capture the push and pull of dysfunctional relationships in the smooth ‘Tightrope’. The emotional ride of the track is felt through both the melody and vocals. The focus on melodic fundamentals enhances the depth of the sound without oversimplifying it.

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