James Bene – Mountain (2022)

With his single ‘Mountain’, James Bene is delving deep into the soul to grapple with past pain and hurt. A haunting tribute to his past self, the single has a moody wash that enhances the resonance of the track. Using music that touches the soul, he draws pain from a wound that many can relate to and hopes to inspire through his unique tone.

While this is only his third single release, Bene has already made a splash on the music scene with memorable melodies and intimate lyrics. Through all his singles, he explores human emotion, starting with his own, while letting us know that he is a fighter with ambitious talent. Expressing an unending desire to survive, the triumphs and anxieties woven into his music are easy to connect with.

‘Mountain’ grabs your attention with a pulse of deep beats that leave shivering vibrations in your bones. The deep beats merge with the rich piano line for an interesting contrast. There are different layers making their way through the melody, only to converge to allow the piano line to take centre stage. When this happens, the melody lightens and you feel some of the pressure on your shoulders lifting. This almost bodiless floating is controlled by the deep beats that rise again from the low levels of the melody. It is a heady mixture that taps at your emotions allowing you to really connect with the lyrics.

While the melody does a fantastic job of filling you with the rise of emotion, it is Bene’s emotive vocals that give the movement direction. Through his soulful delivery, you can feel the pain of the past and the personal touch this has. The lyrics delicately touch on past pain and how it can overwhelm you with its seemingly never-ending flow. As the melody lightens, Bene’s vocals rise like the peeking of the sun over the horizon. The depths of emotion he has woven into the lyrics send shivers through your body even as your soul starts to strengthen with him. There is a story of growing out of the pain of the past that brings the burning light of hope to your senses.

James Bene draws pain from a wound, while offering a shining light of hope for the future in the emotive and moving ‘Mountain’. Using a layered melody, he taps into the pain of the past before lifting some of the pressure from your shoulders. His vocals are stunning in their emotive flow as he weaves a tale of past pain and journeys into strength.

Find out more about James Bene on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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