Vex Message – The 1 Big 1 (2022)

Slathering electronic pop over heavy post-punk and alternative rock foundations, Vex Message has a highly eclectic and intriguing sound. In fact, amidst all the songs to come across my virtual desk, the UK-based synth-rock group are potentially one of my favourites. Formed in 2021, Vex Message can be considered a newbie in the UK music scene; however, they are definitely one of the more notable bands blasting into our ears with a distinct sound. The latest addition to their eclectic repertoire is the single ‘The 1 Big 1’.

Following their well-received singles ‘Data Regime’ (read our review here) and ‘No You Don’t’, ‘The 1 Big 1’ is a hard-hitting track filled with heart-pumping beats. Pounding through the speakers, the melodic arrangement toes the line between rock and post-punk. The thing is, regardless of the genre classification Vex Message transcends all boundaries creating a sound that is uniquely Vex Message. Moreover, the transitions from sharper indie-rock styles to this all-consuming rock-influenced tone highlight natural artistry.

Inspired by Russell Hoban’s novel ‘Riddley Walker’, ‘The 1 Big 1’ eloquently represents the dystopian theme in its pounding melody. The sonic expression of Hoban’s post-apocalyptic dystopian society is truly astounding leaving you feeling both wretched and enlightened. Vex Message seem to absorb everything about ‘Riddley Walker’ and spew it out in a forceful manner. Oddly enough, while the gruffness of Derek Meins’ vocals is gut-wrenching, there is a soothing enlightenment in its pounding nature.

Rich, bold, unique and unforgettable, listening to ‘The 1 Big 1’ is an overwhelming experience. As with their other material, Vex Message’s new track is a soul-stirring punch to the gut…but you will enjoy it.

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