Jamie Freeman – Dreams About Falling (2019)

Jamie Freeman is is a folk/rock artist, released his LP Dreams About Falling on 17th May via Union Music Label, and, yes, he’s the brother of Martin Freeman.

The LP starts with the track ‘All In The Name’. It has a gentle guitar sound at the start and a catchy drum beat kicks in. The vocals start and are amazing. It’s a great county rock sound that’s very upbeat music-wise, but the lyrics are a bit on the sad side and sound very heartfelt and it’s about love that fails.

The track ‘Down Range’ has a gentle piano at the start and the vocals start over the top. It’s very soothing and catchy; the vocals of Angeleena Presley start and are beautiful. It’s again a very heartfelt song – this duet is amazing. The track ‘The Fire’ starts with an eerie sound then the acoustic guitar begins and the vocals are great. It’s a very county sound and catchy. The lyrics are great, it has the backing vocals of Angeleena Presley and it’s very beautiful.

The track ‘Standing On A Star’ starts with beautiful acoustic guitar riffs and the electric guitar starts along with the vocals. It’s a rockier sound than the previous tracks but the lyrics again are very heartfelt. The track ‘Run And Smoke’ has a very catchy beat at the start with electric guitar riffs. The vocals are amazing where he sings about memories of his youth. It’s a great rock song but has very sad lyrics.

The track ‘The Deer’ has an interesting beat at the start and an acoustic guitar riff; then the vocals kick in. It’s about how life has become hard and he’s remembering a house he and his girlfriend had. The backing vocals are amazing – it’s a beautiful country rock song and is very catchy. The track ‘The Man I Want To Be’ starts with gentle guitar riffs and piano sounds start. The vocals again are amazing, the lyrics are sad and heartfelt but very beautiful, the drum beat kicks in and it’s a gentle sound.

The track ‘Darker Wave’ has a very interesting rock guitar and drum beat sound at the start. It’s very an extremely addictive sound where he sings about wanting someone to believe he won’t lead them astray. The track ‘I Miss Those Bars’ starts with beautiful guitar riffs and a gentle drum beat. The vocals are great, he sings about how he misses some stuff from the past. It’s a very soothing sound, the backing vocals from Presley are lovely. The track ‘Match Among The Ashes’ has beautiful guitar riffs from both acoustic and electric guitar, the vocals start and are soft and beautiful; it has a very gentle drum beat and is a soft county rock song.

The LP Dreams About Falling has a good folk-rock sound and is very soothing and heartfelt. It is definitely worth listing to. For more from Jamie Freeman, check out his Facebook.

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