Jamison Wake – Racing Heart (2020)

Jamison Wake is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter from Brooklyn and makes his music in stolen moments at The Wakehouse. His debut album told a story of a lifelong relationship from beginning to end. Following on from this is his latest single ‘Racing Heart’.

The track was written while Wake was suffering from some mental health issues and has been released ahead of schedule due to the current situation in the world. The song looks at the fear of life and death while wrestling with the angels and demons of life. It goes into the depths of people where there is some good news.

The gentle opening tones of ‘Racing Heart’ draws you into the song. The melody of the track is ethereal for most of the single. However, there is a beat throughout the song that mimics a racing heart which is a great inclusion and links perfectly to the lyrics.

Wake’s vocals complement the melody while relaxing you. His vocals have a rawness to them that hypnotise and keep you listening. The polished performance makes it easier to connect with the lyrics that prompt you to reach into your racing heart.

Jamison Wake calms anxious hearts with his ethereal and mellow track ‘Racing Heart’. This song looks at everything that causes your heart to race but also helps you reach for the good news buried inside.

Find out more about Jamison Wake on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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