Keeping It Real (ft. Oh Brother, My Latest Failure, Slow Walk and more)

We’ve hit the middle of the year and it’s been one hell of a ride. To chill and have some “me-time”, here is a melting pot of wonderful music ranging from Oh Brother’s alt-rock to Jaclyn’s pop-rock and Millenials’ garage rock. Sit back and enjoy!


Picture the scene: you’re lying in a hospital bed staring out the window. The world is moving past you and you are still in your sterile room. This was Jaclyn’s reality when diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As they say, ‘mind over matter’, and it was this philosophy that pushed Jaclyn to create her self-titled debut EP.

Born in Staten Island, this young singer/songwriter is not one easily satisfied with her world. She focuses on the project at hand and throws herself into it completely until she feels at least somewhat satisfied with the result. The most recent release off her new EP is ‘Energy’. Reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Camila Cabello and Tori Amos, ‘Energy’ is an emotional tune sharing a message of empowerment to all her listeners. It’s clear to see that Jaclyn is full of energy!

“I believe there is no better time to release ‘Energy’ into the world. Let us be the generation that leaves these kids with a better and safer world.” – Jaclyn on ‘Energy’


Describing themselves as “something between Pink Floyd and The Libertines”, it’s clear that Millennials are breeding some new brand of indie-rock. Hailing from London, Millennials is a trio of two actors and a call centre agent. Josh (lead guitar and vocals) met Will (guitar and vocals) at university, then they added drummer Ed after Josh worked with him in Canary Wharf. Quite a new band, this trio has released only two singles – ‘Adolescent Bloom’ and ‘Converse’.

To me, ‘Converse’ is an emotional and passionate track demonstrating the grungy balance between vocals and instrumentation. Written with mental health in mind, the band produce insightful and honest music to which people, particularly males, can relate. I don’t know what their acting skills are like, but if their music is anything to go by we can easily say they are made for the performing arts!

“‘Converse’ came off of the back of working a minimum wage job, feeling low on self-esteem and confidence, but also knowing that I’m worth more. Mental health in young men has always been a topic with very few answers leading, unfortunately, to critical and severe actions. I wanted to be honest and open creating a conversation with none other than God and fantasising over a role reversal to see how God would cope.’ – Will (guitar and vocals) on ‘Converse’

The musical representation of Quentin Tarantino, Oh Brother is obscure, provocative, complex and passionate. Together singer/songwriter Jake Leslau and lead guitarist Luke Cave share their combination of chunky guitars with enigmatic vocals. In 2019, Oh Brother took the stage at The Great Escape before playing a sold-out headline show later in the year. 2019 also saw the release of Oh Brother’s EP Catastrophe; this year they have a few singles up their proverbial sleeves including the track ‘Running Out’. Exploring a more guitar-driven sound, along with a rather vintage karaoke-esque music video, ‘Running Out’ is both bold and brazen.

“I was sorely let down by a group of people who, simply put, I felt had done me dirty. This song takes you on a musical adventure through my, at the time, very angry brain. Starting peacefully as we meander along a trail of thought and reflection before it takes you to its final destination – a not so tranquil, rage-fuelled, cathartic rock and roll tirade.” – Jake Leslau (vocals) on ‘Running Out’


Hailing from Essex, England, The Lamplight Club is a six-piece act with a powerful punch. While their music is rooted in country, blues and Americana, the band has integrated some synth-based dark alternative rock. Combining input from several songwriters, Toby Watson (vocals and guitar), Ellie Cornell (vocals and keys), Abbas Lokat (bass and vocals), Dan Sceats (drums and percussion), Abbi Wrigley (piano and organ) and Jim Reynolds (guitar and vocals) have a sound reminiscent of Nick Cave, Radiohead and The Doors. Known for their passion and energetic live performances, The Lamplight Club have played shows at various festivals and charity events.

In 2019, The Lamplight Club released their debut EP The Boathouse Sessions with very positive feedback. In addition to developing a stream of self-recorded/mixed material under the moniker ‘The Pioneer Project’, this talented group have plans to release a second album as The Lamplight Project. The first single off the upcoming record is ‘Blackwater Kisses’ released in May 2020.

“The Lamplight Club have written a dark, alt-folk story for summer nights. A pretty little murder ballad and cautionary tale.” – The Lamplight Club on ‘Blackwater Kisses’


In August 2017, three punk-rockers decided to form a band called My Latest Failure. Combining their love for pop-punk, punk-rock and nu-metal, Chris Underhill (guitars and vocals), Andy Hale (bass and vocals) and Jamie Boyle (drums) find that sweet spot between Sum 41, Gallows and Papa Roach. The musical representation of angst, aggression and punk intensity, this band are rough ’round the edges but gooey and awesome inside. After one EP and a couple of singles, My Latest Failure is hitting the ground with their new track ‘Selfish’.

“It’s about someone who is particularly selfish about a few matters. ‘Selfish’ is an open letter to ‘that friend’.” – My Latest Failure on ‘Selfish’


Performing under the moniker Darro, New York native Darro Chea has been making waves in the alt-rock music industry. However, Darro’s rise to the top was not a simple one. Following his return to the US from a grad school abroad, the Asian-American musician and producer was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The rehabilitation process pushed him all the way back to square one having to learn to speak, chew and sing all over again. Yet, this was not enough to put Darro down. Using music to share his experiences, Darro obtained Billboard coverage for his music video ‘You’re Not Insane’. He continues to tell his tale with his latest single ‘Paralyzed’.

“I wrote this song after having my first panic attack in New York City. I had only been in the city for about two months, I only had two friends in the entire city and I just had brain surgery, like, less than six months ago… I was doing something really boring, like walking to the grocery store, and I just remember seeing all of these faces in the street and no-one was looking at me or noticing me; I just felt like I didn’t exist… This song sort of encompasses a lot of those feelings. I like to describe the track as the feeling of screaming at a wall but no-one is around to hear you.” – Darro on ‘Paralyzed’


Most of us want to be superheroes or at least have superpowers, but it is Keith Turner that became a self-made superhero…in a sense. The solo project and superhero alter ego of London-based singer/songwriter Keith Turner is Slow Walk. Sadly, the inception of this superhero was not a nuclear explosion or being bitten by a radioactive spider, it was actually just a group of youths on Tufnell Park Road. After trying (and failing) to call Turner “the geeky one with the glasses and the phone”, the youths changed tactics shouting “yo, daddy cool…Slow Walk!” The next day Slow Walk was born.

Since his first gig in the open mic tent at Glastonbury, Slow Walk has performed around the UK using an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. Drawing comparisons to Art Brut, Jamie T, Lou Reed and David Bowie, Slow Walk has a rather unique and captivating sound. In 2019, Turner released a podcast known as ‘Slow Talk’ dedicated to his adventures. The latest release from this talented superhero is the single ‘When Your Love Goes Away’.

“I recently released my single ‘When Your Love Goes Away’ which was written for my amazing, lovely parents and is about cherishing the time you have with your loved ones. I think this is a very appropriate message right now.” – Slow Walk on ‘When Your Love Goes Away’


Based in New York, but a native of Great Bend, Pennsylvania, singer/songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor began a solo project called Kipani. After years of coerced piano lessons as a child, Jhingoor decided to take a hiatus from classical training and pursue her love for indie-pop. Eventually combining her indie-pop sound with classical piano backings, Jhingoor ignited the spark that is Kipani. After releasing several singles in 2020, she recently released her first EP Take A Minute.

“‘Take A Minute’ is a project exposing vulnerability, personal struggles and insecurity, all meticulously masked with an upbeat pop edge.” – Kipani on ‘Take A Minute’


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