Javi That’s Me – Body Dysmorphia (2022)

‘Body Dysmorphia’ is a single from Javi That’s Me that is both extremely personal and relatable. A vocal debut that has been put off for a while, the single touches on a subject that is often overlooked, but many people can connect with. While he is known for the beats he has released in the past, this single flows through indie-folk and dream-pop with a lo-fi edge.

Joining lead singer and guitarist Javi Agbayani are Edric Santos (drums), Angelo Del Los Santos (lead guitar), Emilio Mendoza (bass) and Mico Guevarra (piano). Classmates since 7th grade, they have become close friends before realising they all play instruments that are perfect for a band. Now they are weaving their talents together for a tapestry of sound published under Javi’s name.

‘Body Dysmorphia’ strums to life with a really laid-back feeling that has you gently swaying from side to side. The acoustic guitar drives the opening of the single and has you floating down the soundscape. The easy and rather laid-back vibes of the melody are a little at odds with the story of the lyrics, but this only makes it all better. As the single progresses, new lines of instrumentation meander into the soundscape adding to the overall chilled vibe of the single. While there is a lo-fi vibe to the music, it gives way to the folk flows of the single, particularly in the last guitar run at the end of the track. Delicately woven throughout the single is a distant touch of melancholy that ever so lightly plucks at your emotions in time with the vocals.

As you float on the opening guitar line, Agbayani’s vocals mist into the single like a cool breeze. His performance does carry some of the easy vibes of the melody, but they have a weight to them when combined with the lyrics. Through the opening verse, he pulls you into the first thoughts of shame and displeasure with your body. The delve into body dysmorphia is stunning as it picks up the weary emotions of those suffering from this and the struggles they face being happy with themselves. Through his performance, he brings sadness to the single that dampens some of the easy vibes of the melody. The interplay is perfect like someone smiling while crying on the inside.

Javi That’s Me offers up the sonic equivalent of smiling while crying on the inside through the easy yet poignant tones of ‘Body Dysmorphia’. The folky flows of the melody have a laid-back vibe that is at odds with the sadness of the lyrics. Agbayani’s vocals perfectly capture the weariness of those facing the emotions of the single and clearly paint the struggles they face.

Find out more about Javi That’s Me on their Instagram and Spotify.

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