Track of the Day: The Hell Beings – Court of Appeal

Describing their music as a metamorphic state of being where “…meditation coupled with the medicinal shows every moment has the potential to be as good or bad as it can possibly be”, The Hell Beings are an intriguing trio. Bringing a unique, eclectic tinge to the UK punk scene, the Brighton-based lads are slowly becoming one of the unsigned gems in punk rock – “junk punks”, if you will. Known for energetic shows with engaging melodies, Joe Crocker (vocals), Sal North (bass) and Manraj Ghale (batteries), The Hell Beings have a strong following. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Court of Appeal’.

As with their previous work, ‘Court of Appeal’ was recorded with producer James Gasson at the UK-based studio Third Circle Recordings. Following the brash ‘Wind Your Neck’ (read our review here), The Hell Beings retain their distorted arrangement reminiscent of Sex Pistols; however, the vocal execution appears to be bolder and more flowing in an alternative rock design. I suppose punk is not often associated with a flowing quality, but The Hell Beings take that leap bringing an underlying richness and warmth to ‘Court of Appeal’. A boundary-breaking sound, if you will.

The pounding drums and distorted guitars contribute to the brusque gruffness of the song, but it is the actual gruffness of Crocker’s vocals that make the song gritty. The Hell Beings refer to ‘Court of Appeal’ as “…something decidedly devilish was enacted hastening to add unwittingly.” I have to agree that the heart-pounding, hard-hitting three-minute single certainly is something devilish, and I love it!

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