Jazz 55 ft Lucy Crunkhorn – Taxi Waiting (2020)

‘Taxi Waiting’ is the debut single from Lucy Crunkhorn and the backing band Jazz 55. While this is her debut single, Crunkhorn is no newcomer to the music world. She started studying music and performing arts at the age of 12 and was a finalist at the Sarah Vaughn Jazz Competition 2019. She has also performed as a member of the National Youth Music Theatre.

However, a love of jazz led to her starting her musical career as a member of a professional World War 2 vocal tribute act. The multi-layered complex vocal harmonies used by the act allowed her to thrive in an area she loves. Now, she is hitting the microphone with her own music backed by Jazz 55 and seasoned musicians.

The soft piano opening of ‘Taxi Waiting’ smoothly leads you to Crunkhorn’s rich vocals. There is this warmth in her performance that seeps into your skin. The vibes of the track sway across you and you can’t help but get lost in her vocals. There is a presence in her performance that leaves you riveted and unable to stop listening to the single.

As the warmth of her vocals blankets you, Jazz 55 hits you an amazing melody. There is this steady and soothing piano line that draws you along while the shuffling drums lightly work in the background. The horns gently come in and out while the strings captivate you on their entrance. There are sections with only the instruments which seem to enhance the vocals and draw you further into the song.

Using complex layering and warm vocals, ‘Taxi Waiting’ by Jazz 55 ft Lucy Crunkhorn transports you to a hazy jazz paradise. The different elements in the melody meld to bolster her rich vocals for a sonic treat.

Find out more about Lucy Crunkhorn on her Instagram and Spotify.

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