Arlo Indigo – The Best (2020)

Every now and then, we all need a little bit of reassurance and encouragement to be kind to ourselves. With the abnormal stresses of the current world we live in, Arlo Indigo is here to give us the reassurance we need in ‘The Best’. Born from the hard quarantine of COVID-19, the single lets us know that you can be kind to yourself during these times and should take the time to do this.

Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl, the man behind Arlo Indigo, uses a gentle sound to get this message across. He offers you a connection in a world where we have gone a while seeing hardly anyone. If you are looking for a positive boost from lockdown blues, this might just be what you need.

‘The Best’ gets you into the vibe with a driving acoustic guitar. The melody set in the opening sweeps over you and turns into something a bit more soaring at times. The base of the melody stays throughout the single to get you moving to the rhythm. There is also this drumbeat that you have to tap your foot to. There is a thread of positivity in the melody that makes the stresses of the world slide off your shoulders.

As the melody drives through you, Brunnhoelzl’s vocals have this great Bob Dylan vibe to them. They are just as engaging as the melody and get you caught up in the lyrics. Through his smooth and lilting performance, he infuses the positivity of the song into your veins. You can’t help but feel a little better after listening to this song as you are encouraged to do your best.

Arlo Indigo gives you the boost you need to be kind to yourself and let the stresses of the world fade in ‘The Best’. The track has this great folk-rock vibe to it with a splash of Dylan and something that is unbelievably positive. By the end of the song, you will feel some of that weight on your shoulders lift off and float away.

Find out more about Arlo Indigo on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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