Track of the Day: Sug Daniels – Kintsugi

‘Kintsugi’ is apparently the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with liquid gold, which is apt as Sug Daniels’ vocals on her new single have a hint of liquid gold about them.

This is a simply arranged track with Daniels’ vocals dancing over melodic ukulele chords and light percussion. The song was inspired by her own experience of growing up in rural Delaware and experiencing prejudice because of her LGBTQ+ status within a strictly religious Baptist Church community. After coming out she left the church but kept hold of the music that was growing inside her and took it into musical projects, Hoochi Coochi and FlowCity before going solo under her own name.

‘Kintsugi’ reflects on the problematic relationship between America and a black woman who is growing into her true self. The whole song is shot through with authenticity and we believe Daniels when she sings, “I’m willing to try, I’m willing to die”. But although some of the lyrics could be seen as downbeat, the song eventually strikes a hopeful note or as Sug Daniels puts it herself, “‘Kintsugi’ looks towards the future in hopes that the obvious and apparent bigotry and one-sidedness can allow for change and reparations resulting in a nation that’s one for all and all for one.”

I am sure that we can all get behind that sentiment, and the summery catchiness of the song will certainly draw people in to listen, hopefully, they will also hear the message that it contains. One song can’t fix the complexity of the broken relationships and historic attitudes that it looks to challenge, but with ‘Kintsugi’, Sug Daniels is giving it a good go.

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