Jen Ella – Eyes For You (2021)

Hailing from Cork, Irish singer-songwriter Jen Ella layers moving melodies and engaging lyricism in her smooth, soft sound. Bringing together a sense of the ethereal with solid instrumentation, Ella has a Celtic charm in her grounded music. Featured in Rattler Mag, Indie Buddie, The Music Files, BBC Sounds, RTE 1 Recommended and many other online radio stations, Ella is reaching audiences on a global scale. Following her well-received EP Spoken Words, Ella has several singles to her name including the track ‘eyes for you’.

Reputed for her smooth, insightful and sometimes melancholic music, Jen Ella wears her heart on her sleeve in most songs. Taking you on a personal journey of self-enlightenment, Ella easily engages with listeners and it is no different with ‘eyes for you’. Simplistic with acoustic guitars, ‘eyes for you’ has a charming and intimate feeling. Yet, while the basic instrumentation adds an element of endearment, it is Ella’s vocals that push you into a swirl of sound.

A hazy soundscape, Ella’s latest single contains an otherworldliness amidst raw, robust honesty. Laidback and easy to listen to, ‘eyes for you’ is sublime; however, the desperate narrative gives it an edgier…well, edge. Nostalgic whimsy floats about with Ella’s haunting vocals enhancing the poignancy of this reflective single. The thing is, while there is a sense of despair in ‘eyes for you’ it also has a sense of hopefulness and empowerment.

“The song is quite personal to me, it’s about a battle between head and heart. It’s about chasing something that’s not good for you. Though you know it’s not right for you, you continue to chase it anyway. Hard as it is, the experience brings you on a journey of recognising your own self-worth…” – Jen Ella on ‘eyes for you’

Combining Joni Mitchell’s intensity with the ruggedness of Alanis Morissette, Jen Ella breeds a new type of folk-rock with ‘eyes for you’. Warning: do not listen to ‘eyes for you’ unless you are willing to find yourself covered in goosebumps, wiping away tears and rocking in time to the melody.

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