Isaac Snow – Sketches (2021)

Most of us have masks that we wear when confronted by certain people. Isaac Snow has taken the creation of these masks and turned it into his engaging single ‘Sketches’. Through the single, he considers how we create these masks in order to survive and how we are generally not the same on the outside as we feel on the inside.

The single confronts another heavy topic that has become the norm for Snow after ‘Run Away’ and ‘Why’. Through his authentic tones, he connects not only with these heavy topics but gets them across to listeners in an easy to understand way. By tackling these topics, he helps his listeners become better people and work through the emotions they might be struggling with.

‘Sketches’ pulls you in with a delicate acoustic guitar line. The notes from the guitar touch your ears like rain pattering on a window. There is a gentle easiness to the music that has you drifting in the soundscape while Snow’s vocals wash over you. While the melody might seem simple on first listen, there are a few layers that wonderfully come together to create a solid cushion for you to rest on. The acoustic guitar drives the melody while lighter tones twinkle in the higher levels. These layers help you enter the headspace you need to consider the lyrics.

Snow’s vocals are like a warm blanket resting gently against your skin and warming you to the deepest point. The softness of the melody is complemented by his dulcet tones. The humming around the chorus has you relaxing further into the sound while making you want to close your eyes and take everything in. The lyrics have a soothing poetry that brings the heavy topic of the song to your attention in the lightest possible way.

Isaac Snow continues to amaze with his single ‘Sketches’ that consider the masks we wear to get through life. The delicate tones of the melody make you want to sit back and relax while his vocals soothe you through the message of the track. This single continues to show why Snow is someone you should seriously keep an eye on while listening to all his music again and again.

Find out more about Isaac Snow on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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