Jericho Noguera – For This (2020)

The grind of a job can wear you down and add weight to your shoulders. This is the sentiment behind Jericho Noguera’s new single ‘For This’. Inspired by the grind of releasing music independently, he considers how we are all for putting the effort in but do not account for the pressure that builds on us. While influenced by his personal struggles as an independent artist, anyone who has felt the daily grind can relate to this single.

The third single from his upcoming debut album Siskin Dreams, the track was the first actually written for it. The song gives you a glimpse into the darker side of the album. While steeped in his signature style, the track furthers his sound and offers a fresh take on his usual soundscape.

The soft opening of ‘For This’ leads you to Noguera’s Jeff Buckley like vocals. There is a dreamy feeling to his performance that is compounded by the higher notes of the chorus. His vocals dip for the verses before rising up into an airy atmosphere for the chorus. It is an interesting arrangement when combined with the inspiration of the single. However, it does work as it makes you focus on the lyrics and the questioning threaded into them.

While his vocals gently draw you along the soundscape, the melody forms this captivating lower layer. The softness of the opening remains throughout the single, but it is joined by these almost twinkling synths. There are other undulating tones lying over the base melody that adds to the mental imagery of the daily grind and how the pressure it creates comes and goes.

Using a light and almost dreamy soundscape, Jericho Noguera considers the pressures of the daily grind on ‘For This’. The single perfectly combines his vocals with a deep yet undulating melody that you can’t help but float along with.

Find out more about Jericho Noguera on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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