Jesse Grossi – Ride With You (2020)

Jesse Grossi is a multi-instrumentalist and storyteller who captivates the imagination. Combining a range of sounds from punk-rock to reggae and 90s rock, he is gearing up for the release of his solo album Tales of a Tragic Journey. His second single from the upcoming album is ‘Ride With You’ and is just a small taste of what he has to offer.

The song tells the tale of an old west gunslinger and his partner who are caught by the law. The sheriff ends up taking his love interest leaving the gunslinger to fight his way out of town and plot his revenge. While the story itself is captivating, it is the groovy music that makes it a real showstopper.

‘Ride With You’ draws you in with a very reggae and beach groove opening. While this smooth opening gets your attention, you are soon thrown into a fast-paced melody full of punk rock notes. The driving melody is full of pumping drumbeats, but swings to a slower pace along with the story of the track. The arrangement of the song highlights the storytelling of the lyrics and is just so fun to listen to.

Grossi’s vocals are lively and the perfect vehicle for the story of the track. At times, his performance is driving and soars to match the lyrics. When the story moves onto a sadder note, his vocals match this and pushes the emotions of the tale. Through his emotive performance, you are able to connect with the story on a whole new level.

There is an accompanying video that you should also consider watching. It is an animation of the story along with the lyrics. When watching it, you feel like you are viewing a short movie and you really understand what an amazing storyteller Grossi is.

Jesse Grossi takes you on a sad wild west adventure full of punk rock beats and soulful lyrics in ‘Ride With You’. While the inspiration of the song is the west, there is nothing western about the melody which gets you pumped up and feeling sad for the characters in the story.

Find out more about Jesse Grossi on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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