Jim Jam – Big Bad World (2020)

After releasing several critically acclaimed singles in 2020, the singer-songwriter Jim Jam maintains the pace with his latest single ‘Big Bad World’. Already featured on notable blogs like It’s All Indie, A&R Factory, CLUNK Magazine and The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!), Jim Jam is building a name for himself amidst industry professionals and listeners. Honing his sound over many years of experimentation with styles and genres, the London-based artist has devised a bold, unique and intriguing new sound.

Following the well-received post-punk ‘Work’, ‘Big Bad World’ is a throwback to the synth-driven pop of the 1980s with touches of old-school bedroom rock. Beautifully layered and textured, ‘Big Bad World’ is a song for fans of almost all genres. Within a swirl of hypnotic drumbeats, Jim Jam penetrates one’s brain with haunting vocals, distorted guitars and pulsating drums.

“The song imagines the gang wars which operate very closely against us yet almost hidden away.” – Jim Jam on ‘Big Bad World’

Inspired by gang culture in modern-day London, Jim Jam looks at the issues of gang violence, isolation and fear; however, there are elements of optimism and hopefulness as the track’s narrative pushes for an anti-apocalyptic reality. Enhancing the poignancy of the track, ‘Big Bad World’ presents with a frenzied, frantic and highly emotional melody, but the prominence of the expressive vocals leads to a form of organised chaos.

For more from Jim Jam check out his Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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