Leopard Rays – Need You (2020)

Influenced by artists like Oasis, Pearl Jam and Ride, Leopard Rays brings together grunge, alternative rock and indie-rock in a unique boundary-breaking sound. Formed in 2018, or at least that is when they began releasing material on Spotify, the foursome started to gain a loyal following with their engaging music.

Earning a reputation for high-powered performances, Leopard Rays has supported Pulled Apart By Horses and graced the stages of notable festivals like Stockton Calling, Gathering Sounds Festivals and Heelapolooza. Not only this, but the group has been featured by BBC Introducing, Indie Central Music, Nexus Music Blog and Narc Magazine to name but a few. It is clear this band is making waves with their emotive music.

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed Times A Factor, Kid, Leopard Rays release the single ‘Need You’. A lively, head-bopping earworm of a song, ‘Need You’ is slightly over three minutes of infectious alternative rock. Combining ferocious guitar riffs with a pounding drumline and Luke Dawkins unmistakable vocals, the lads from Hartlepool place their distinctive stamp all over the track.

Known for reflective and introspective lyricism, Leopard Rays work from personal experiences to bring you an emotive, intriguing and engaging single. Looking at the topics of security, commitment and sobriety alongside the need for excitement, freedom and excess, the group explore the deeper and confusing aspects of life. Maintaining a relatable and relevant approach to music, Leopard Rays demonstrate their continued ability to connect with listeners without boring them to tears.

“Whether a fervoured celebration or just a reflection in a pond, ‘Need You’ is a shared experience or a memory, like a way seal on the envelope of life”– Leopard Rays on ‘Need You’

One of the more compelling elements of ‘Need You’ is the juxtaposition between meaningful lyrics and the upbeat, somewhat gleeful melodies. Exquisitely finding the balance between carefree and consequential, Leopard Rays showcase their innovativeness to combine gritty angst and uncertainty with passionate buoyancy.   

For more from Leopard Rays check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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