Jim Jam – Get Away (2020)

James Newman is the man behind Jim Jam and has steadily been building his musical craft in the shadows. While experimenting within a traditional songwriting mould, he has developed a unique sound and blend of influences. His latest track ‘Get Away’ is the first in a succession of new music he is getting ready to set free.

The song was written with a longing to escape from any situation we are in. While this is particularly relevant to the current global situation, it is a feeling that transcends pandemics and infiltrates all aspects of life. Through his eclectic combination of sounds, Jim Jam captivates you and threads his emotions into every note.

‘Get Away’ has a dreamy melody that is based on an acoustic guitar. There is a deep beat driving you through the track with gentle picked guitar notes overlaying it. This simple melody actually helps the vibe of the song and the message shine through. You can also hear the deep folk roots of the song pulsing along to the melody. While traditional folk is at the heart of the song, there is a dream-pop feeling to the overall song.

This is primarily driven by the hazy vocals that float above the beat. Newman’s vocals are smooth and airy as they make you think about wide-open space and escaping. There are harmonisations that add to the layered sound of the vocals that create an almost ambient soundscape. Through the vocal performance, you can feel a sense of longing for something more. You don’t realise how emotive the performance is until the song ends are you are left really emotional.

Jim Jam uses dreamy pop vocals with a folk heart to leave you longing for escape in ‘Get Away’. The song has an airy vibe that gently captivates you and floats along your senses. The vocals are dreamy and add to the hazy melody for an atmospheric tune.

Find out more about Jim Jam on his Instagram and Spotify.

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