NOPRISM – House Of Smith (2020)

NOPRISM is the labour of love of Newcastle-based duo Andrew Young and Mark Nelson. While they come from a background of noise-driven guitar bands, they bath their own music in sounds inspired by Chaka Khan, Prince and Talking Heads. Their previous singles have all been given BBC Introducing airtime and they are here to continue this with ‘House Of Smith’.

While the song contemplates humanity’s need to justify its own purpose, the track does everything but bog you down. Taking a light-hearted approach to this rather deep topic, the song is a steady march to your nearest dance floor or the middle of your living room or right next to your desk.

‘House Of Smith’ hooks you from the first moment with some gripping 80s inspired vocals. The vocals are fun and energetic with a catchy chorus. There is something infectious about the vocals from the smooth delivery to the pumping chorus and higher harmonies. There is very little chance that you are not going to find yourself singing along to the track.

While the vocals capture you in all their pop glory, the melody pounds through you and turns up the energy. The driving synths are powerful without being overpowering. The guitar and synth solos are magical and something you rarely hear on one single. However, the band is able to pull this off without sounding like they are trying to appeal to too many people.

NOPRISM throws you into a synth-filled and energetic overload with ‘House Of Smith’. While the song looks at a heavy topic, the light-hearted and disco-esque melody makes you want to dance. This is a song that you can listen to at full volume and just have fun to.

Find out more about NOPRISM on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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