Zaryah – Where Do I Go? (2021)

Zaryah has combined her talents with the electronic pop duo Chapters for the boundary-pushing ‘Where Do I Go?’. While the single delves into the fear of loss and the loneliness that this brings, the sentiments are woven around catchy beats and an upbeat production. Perfectly combining the styles of the two acts, the single is emotive while infinitely danceable.

With a base formed by the electronic pop sounds of Chapters, Zaryah’s RnB vocals wash over you for a heady mix and intoxicating listening experience. The LA-based artists started their musical careers in 2019 and have been moving from strength to strength. If you are in need of a song with a dancing melody and smoky vocals, you are in the right place.

‘Where Do I Go?’ has a plucky feeling to the opening that instantly has your feet tapping and head bopping. There is no way to not feel the movement of the music sinking into your veins. There is an earthy feeling to the beats that enhances the shimmer of the higher level of the music. This creates a delightful interplay of tones that sweeps into a more electronic edge halfway through the track. The melody is really a perfect combination of electronic pop and earthy RnB sensibilities. All of this is wrapped in a movement that does not stop and has you grooving to it from start to finish.

Zaryah’s vocal performance brings its signature smoky smoothness to the single. Her voice slides along the beats and bounces to the popping tones of the melody. While enhancing the danceable vibes of the melody, her voice also brings an emotive hit. She wraps her smoothness around the lyrics that delve into a fear of loss and the fear of being alone that this brings. While the electronic edge that comes in later adds an upbeat bop to the vocals, the power of her vocals brings everything down to a silken slide.

Zaryah and Chapters team up for the upbeat yet soulful look into the fear of loss and loneliness that is ‘Where Do I Go?’. Their styles combine perfectly in the single for an upbeat melody that bolsters the silken slide of Zaryah’s voice. As your feet tap to the melody, your min sinks into the emotions of the lyrics.

Find out more about Zaryah on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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