Neon Fields – Meant To Be (2022)

From mellow emotions to frantic vibes, Neon Fields throws us into a story of unrequited love and obsession in ‘Meant To Be’. Moving from a single encounter with a barista, the single works through a relationship made up in the head of the main character. The slow spiral of obsession pulls on the edges of the track, as he becomes convinced they are meant to be.

With an opening sound that draws on traditional love songs, the track takes an interesting twist that is creepy and dark, yet wonderfully executed. From the collective musical brains of Ed Barrett (lead vocals), Luke Russe (drums) and Piers Ward (keyboard, guitar), the single is equally emotional and sinister. After taking the time provided by the pandemic, the band has been evolving their sound, bringing more electronic tones to it.

The light electronic twinkles of ‘Meant To Be’ fill you with happy emotions. You can feel the bright emotion of love and affection through these tones that swirl sweetly around you. The twirling movement of the music gets a progressively darker tone as the single progresses. This is very subtle at the start of the track, but becomes more prominent as the lyrics draw you further into his obsession. The heavier rock tones that come halfway through is when you realise something bad is going on. The droning darkness and racing electronic tones send the hairs on the back of your neck standing up as your heart starts to race. It is an intense feeling as the music presses in on you and has you falling into the dark hole of the main characters obsession and unrequited love.

Barrett’s vocals match the lightness of the opening as he waxes poetically about the person he has fallen in love with. The deep affection he feels tinges every word, but this slowly starts to turn. This turn begins with the question of why she doesn’t seem to feel the same anymore, even though she never returned his feelings. The lyrics are an amazing insight into a delusional and fictitious relationship, that edges further and further into darkness and negativity. When the music turns, the vocals get a light scratch to them as he unleashes how he feels whenever he sees her. The way the vocals and melody play off each other makes the track more powerful and really has you worried about where this will all end.

Neon Fields has the hair on the back of your neck standing on edge as they dive into a sinister story of unrequited love and obsession in ‘Meant To Be’. The music moves from the feeling of a tender love song to the hair-racing edge of madness. Through this, the vocals wax poetically about emotions, while questioning why the love interest no longer feels the same, and has you worried for where it all ends.

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