Track of the Day: Jimmy Climbs – Dear Time

Inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Mac Miller, Leon Bridgers and Jefferson Airplane, Jimmy Climbs is the personification of musical diversity. Incorporating jazz, blues, alternative rock and folk-rock in his sound, it is almost impossible to pigeonhole this singer-songwriter. Sure, Climbs has only one track to his name but he has been involved in music since his early teens. Featured on various playlists, Climbs is building a name for himself on an international level. We introduce you to this US-based artist with his debut single ‘Dear Time’.

Nodding toward the sounds of Citizen Cope and Hozier, Climbs has an incredible “live sound” in his single ‘Dear Time’. A far smoother and sassier tune than anything Hozier has released, ‘Dear Time’ incorporates cheeky lyricism alongside the eclectic melody. A guitar-driven song, one can expect catchy riffs leading to infectious choruses; however, it is the persistent improvisation with various instrumentation that keeps things interesting.

Combining intensity and intimacy in his melody, Climbs is able to connect with listeners on a deeper, emotional level. Not only will he have your toe tapping but he will also make you think about the message of the tune. Instead of being defeated and desperate, ‘Dear Time’ is an empowering exposition of being trapped in time and circumstances. Climbs says that “…limitations are something to be confronted rather than solved…sometimes you feel trapped and that’s natural, just don’t simply be a victim of time…you’re better than that.”

Fun and lighthearted, ‘Dear Time’ is a jovial track with a significant theme. Chilled vibes enhance the kaleidoscopic soundscape and I can easily place this with Hozier in my personal playlist.

For more from Jimmy Climbs check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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