ToyQueens – Lets Get Loud! (2021)

If Radiohead were to have a lovechild with Ash but it was raised by The 1975, the chances are ToyQueens would be the result. The solo project of singer-songwriter Ric T James, ToyQueens is bold, brash and infectious. Having received coverage from various online radio stations, podcasts and notable blogs (including us!), James’ musical endeavour is gaining international acclaim. The latest addition to this discography is ‘Le’s Get Loud!’.

Noted in Talk About Pop Music’s review of ‘Miss That Mind’, James explains that he wants to “…explore every aspect of my self, both in skill and understanding emotions as I trail through life.” A challenging feat, but he showcases his significant introspect in all of his music from ‘Miss That Mind’ (read our review here) to ‘Nightmare!’ (read our review here) and now ‘Lets Get Loud’.

Recorded with Plastic King Recordings, James retains the hard-hitting guitars and pounding drums found in ‘Nightmare!’, but adds an indie-rock meets emo quality to the song. Creating a whirlpool of music, you will find yourself falling into a turbulent river of sound from the first chord. Yet, while you are hopelessly spinning out of control, James’ voice acts as an anchor in the mayhem. Gruff, raspy and intriguing, his bold tones harmonise with the aggressive melody. The thing is, ‘Lets Get Loud!’ is not merely a high-paced melody but an insight into lusty affairs.

Touching on elements of romance, ‘Lets Get Loud!’ explores the lovesick mind of two people falling for each other. In fact, it might just be “…two superheroes falling in love”. Crude distortion of instrumentation blends with skilled guitars to represent the intoxication of being in love. Brutally honest, James grabs at the grittier side of life with abrasive vocals. Of course, in his signature style, James adds a gossamer blanket of sensuality, sexiness and breath-taking desire atop everything.

Infectious and anthemic, ‘Let’s Get Loud!’ is made to be played live. I can easily see masses of people jumping along to the captivating music.

For more from ToyQueens check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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