Joe Boothroyd ft Rosie Alexandra – Nowhere (2021)

While getting out and partying might be on hold, there is no reason to not get into a dancing vibe. Joe Boothroyd and Rosie Alexandra have the song you need to get your body moving like you are in a club in ‘Nowhere’. With bouncing bass lines and vibrant energy, the track will fill you with excitement and exuberance while making you yearn to get back out onto the dancefloor.

Boothroyd brings his eclectic DJ mixes and outstanding dance music talents to the mix while Alexandra hits you with catchy vocals. Her drive to bring positive change bolsters the music to burn away the negativity many people feel right now as you move to his beats. With a touch of house swirling around a splash of pop, this track will lift your spirits.

‘Nowhere’ gets you into the dance vibes from the first thumping tone. The deep house beats pulse their way through your body filling your veins with energy. You can almost see the flashing lights of a hot dancefloor pulsing behind your eyelids. The music has a future-house vibe with popping tones shining over the beats. There are moments when the music dips for a gentle piano line before the beats pick up again. This gives you a second to breathe before the beats grab onto you again. The zipping synths add another layer to the music as it builds before bursting in a bouncing anthem.

Alexandra’s vocals call out over the beats to draw you into the heat of the moment. The catchiness of her performance meets the beats head-on while filling you with vocal dance vibes. There is a defiant edge to her vocals before you are hit with soulful tones when the music drops. The track really highlights what she has to offer as you are filled with vibrant dance vibes while also getting a boost of soulful tones.

Joe Boothroyd and Rosie Alexandra fill you with vibrant energy and pulsing lights through the dance vibes of ‘Nowhere’. The music has you jumping to the beats while yearning for the heat of a dancefloor to get down on. Alexandra’s vocals wrap around you to draw you further into the defiant heat of the single.

Find out more about Joe Boothroyd on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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