Test Card Girl – If You’re Feeling Down (2021)

The product of boredom within a mundane existence, Test Card Girl is the solo project of Catherine Burgis. Beginning her musical career in 2019 at age 35, Burgis is the sign that you are never too old to pursue a dream. Featured on Radio X, BBC 6 Music, Indie Music Center and Less Than 1000 Followers, the UK-based singer-songwriter is turning heads on a global scale. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘If You’re Feeling Down’.

Moving from her synth-influenced debut single ‘Holds Me Down’, ‘If You’re Feeling Down’ has a smoother and softer sound. Reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel with hints of Janis Ian, the folk-inspired sophomore single showcases Burgis’ versatility as an artist. Combining simplistic instrumentation with hushed vocals, ‘If You’re Feeling Down’ places you in a swirl of wistful sound. It’s like climbing slowly into a warm bath filled with comfortable scents and colours.

Using acoustic and electronic elements in equal measure, Burgis explores the combination of organic with synthetic sounds. It seems suitable as the song explores the good and bad side of things – a coming together of positive and negative existential truths. Originally penned for her sister, ‘If You’re Feeling Down’ notes that we are facing uncertain times; however, there is always a loving hand available if you are feeling a little blue.

Stripping back the “bells and whistles”, a basic steadiness exists in the track. The calm vocals add surrealism with a haunting quality. Yet, while there is an otherworldliness to the single, the lyricism acts as an anchor in the melodic cascade of harmonies. I love it!

For more from Test Card Girl check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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