LULL – Fed Up (2021)

If Oasis, Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins were to raise a child, then LULL would be the child. Blending elements of indie-rock, grunge and alt-rock, the UK-based foursome have a sound they describe as “hardcore-influenced…although not strictly hardcore in genre.” Truth be told, I am unsure what to define this hard-hitting foursome as but what I do know is they are far from being pigeon-holed. Despite having only three releases to their name, LULL has featured on YMX, Chalkpit Records and several radio stations. I have the honour of reviewing their latest release ‘Fed Up’.

Moving from the Joy Division-esque sound of ‘The Great Strain’, the lads from Newcastle Upon Tyne showcase their versatility in ‘Fed Up’. A steady evolution, the new single is heavier, more dynamic and somewhat darker than previous releases. Slight similarities are seen with Alexisonfire and Escape The Fate, however, LULL remains largely unique with a distinctive grittiness to their music.

What I find intriguing about the foursome is their bold rawness. ‘Fed Up’ not only has a depth of content, but the scorching guitars and pounding drums merge into an unpolished, “made for live shows” sound. There are few groups that leave me astounded with their overwhelming authenticity, but LULL is definitely up there with the brusque execution. Almost painfully powerful, there is a weight or substance to ‘Fed Up’ plunging you into a dark, grimy pool of breathtaking truths.

As they said, LULL is a hardcore-influenced band but their delicacy and flowing melody pull them out of that genre. Along with the undercurrent of bold guitars, Grant Andrews adds a punch to ‘Fed Up’ with his throaty vocals. Brutally honest and genuine, ‘Fed Up’ is soul-stirring; however, it is the combination of raw melodies that gives you goosebumps and makes you do a double-take. Elegant and sophisticated with a blunt fragility, I have to admit that LULL will always hold a special place in my heart.

For more from LULL check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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