Jolé – Alpine Green (2020)

Joshua Oliver is the London-based songwriter behind the moniker Jolé. Under this alias, he is blending his love of electronic, indie and folk music to produce a rich soundscape. He released his debut album last year and is following it up with this new single ‘Alpine Green’.

The song was inspired by the geographic separation from the person he loves when he travelled to LA to write the next chapter in his musical journey. It looks at experiencing something uplifting or beautiful that you want to share with someone, but can’t because they are far away. While wistful in nature, the song is easy to connect with and offers a sense of hope and solidarity.

‘Alpine Green’ makes use of a gentle, but captivating folk melody to set the scene and capture your attention. There is something traditional about the melody that gives you a familiar feeling deep inside. This actually helps with the emotional delivery of the song that makes you yearn for something that is not there. The gentle notes also put you at ease while transporting you to a place of beauty that you want to share with others.

While the melody eases you into the song, Jolé’s vocals are a smooth layer like a light breeze on a warm day. His melodic performance has a longing in it that could be sad, but there is something about it that is more wistful than melancholic. Together with the lyrics, he paints a picture that is easy to connect to while offering you some solidarity in knowing that you are not alone.

Jolé fills you with a wistful longing to share something beautiful with a loved one in ‘Alpine Green’. The traditional folk melody has a warm familiarity to it while his vocals transport you to a picturesque scene.

Find out more about Jolé on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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