Jon Canem – I Don’t Wanna (2020)

Jon Canem is a Cheltenham-based artist who uses his incredible knowledge of music history and influences to create his own music. Crossing a range of genres, he produces a unique sound that has been captivating audiences since 2018. He continues his seamless fusion of sounds on his latest single ‘I Don’t Wanna’.

The inspiration for this song was a relationship that seemed to become an uphill battle. It is about two different people where one takes advantage of the others kindness and uses it for their own gain. Through effortless storytelling, Canem is able to transport you into the relationship and explore the emotions of this situation.

‘I Don’t Wanna’ has this great RnB opening that draws you into the song and perfectly melds with Canem’s vocals. His vocal performance is smooth and washes over you light a warm breeze. While his vocals create an encompassing ambience, the lyrics are what set the scene.

The song has a great lyrical structure with a chorus that gets you singing along. The beat in the track is also captivating. There is a soft and steady rhythm throughout the song which showcases how Canem is able to create a melody with his vocals alone.

Jon Canem uses smooth vocals and a sultry beat to tell the tale of a tumultuous relationship in ‘I Don’t Wanna’. The easy beat and lyrical imagery make this song a pleasure to listen to. However, it is Canem’s vocals that draw you in and keep you hooked from start to finish.

Find out more about Jon Canem on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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