Sicily Jordan – Lonely Lover (2020)

Sicily Jordan uses her music to express the soul of Americana by blending pop melodies with her roots in the South and her California heart. Her songwriting is deeply personal while offering a universal connection to everyone who listens. Her debut single ‘Lonely Lover’ highlights everything she has to offer and more.

The song is an anthem for all the love songs that could have been. It transports you to that one special moment when you feel a flush of excitement over a potential romance. Through her soulful musicality, Jordan fills you with longing for that moment and the rush of feelings it creates.

‘Lonely Lover’ wastes no time introducing you to Jordan’s soulful vocals. From the first second, she captivates you with her powerful vocal performance. She draws you into the lyrics of the track and sends shivers through you with the harmonisations. The control she has over her voice is amazing and she showcases it to its full extent in this song. You can’t help but be mesmerised by the vocals on this track.

While the vocals grab your attention and do not let go, the melody creates the foundation for her to soar over you. There is a violin line that comes in and out of the melody that creates a flood of longing in you. The melody adds to the nostalgic vibe of the track while the violin has a hint of melancholy to it. This combines with the poetic lyrics to create a ballad that you will not forget any time soon.

Sicily Jordan enthrals you from the first second of ‘Lonely Lover’ with her powerful and soulful vocals. This is combined with a delicate and nostalgic melody to create a song you will want to keep on repeat.

Find out more about Sicily Jordan on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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