Jon Pattie – Won’t Be Young (2019)

Jon Pattie is a singer/songwriter from Texas. This interesting pop singer has given us a few gems and his new song, ‘Won’t be Young’, not only makes us think but also gives us another brilliant track to listen to. His influences are Jon Meyer, Ben Ivor, Ed Sheeran and James Bay to name a few, and you can definitely hear this in Jon Pattie’s tracks.

After listening to several of Jon Pattie’s songs I can tell that his work is taken from life. They all have a great beat and musical backing, the lyrics all have a story-like quality to them with something to which I can relate or have connected to. ‘Won’t be Young’ is intriguing in itself. Not only is it a fantastic track that I really enjoy, but the lyrics also very much ring true. The video is also fantastic, I really like seeing him sing and play the guitar separately, he is clearly a very talented individual. I also love the fact that he picks up vinyls of some of his influences.

‘Won’t Be Young’ was the first song I wrote when I decided to pursue a solo music career. I was experimenting with my sound and just really having fun with the whole process. I wanted to emulate that in the video! We decided to shoot at some unique spots around Nashville to show a bit of the wonderful city I’ve been lucky enough to call my home. The videographer, Mario Devon, helped come up with the locations that best personified Nashville. And of course, I had to feature some of the artists I really look up to for their songwriting and performance talent! John Mayer and Ed Sheeran have always been two of the most inspirational artists for me because of both their drive, passion, and talent. Overall, the video was really just an opportunity to have fun and show off the ‘goofy’ side of me that I don’t get to show off often enough!”

Jon Pattie

I really like how ‘Won’t Be Young’ flows, the music works well with the lyrics. It something you can dance to, as well as listen to. It’s nice to have an upbeat song that is relatable and positive in one package. I think this is one man we need to keep an ear and eye on. He is one I would like to see live because I can see Jon being a great live performer with his music enhanced by a venue and fans.

Jon’s other tracks are also worth a listen. They all have a different feel as well as excellent lyrics. My favourite by Jon Pattie is ‘Stranded in the Ocean’, which is a little different from ‘Won’t be Young’. Again it’s another track which shows Jon’s talent with more relatable lyrics and a good rhythm.

If you’re looking for interesting talent in a whole package, then Jon Pattie is a big recommendation! You can find his music on Spotify, Facebook and Twitter. ‘Won’t Be Young’ is off Jon’s EP, Reflections Vol. I.

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