Jonny Spalding – Break Me (2020)

Jonny Spalding is hitting the ground running with his single ‘Break Me’. A personal and defiant track, it marks a milestone for Spalding while encasing you in the raw and heavy sounds. Featuring soulful vocals from J Appiah and a searing trumpet from Freddie Gavita, it sends you spiralling on the vibes it invokes.

After years of writing and producing for other artists, Spalding launched his solo project in 2020. With his debut EP due later this year, he offers a taste of what’s to come through this single. With a diverse group of featured musicians, new compositions and multiple styles, he shows that there is so much to look forward to.

’Break Me’ pounds into your ears with a heavy beat that vibrates through your chest and brain. There is a very intense feeling to the melody that grabs the centre of your chest and pulls. This does let up for you to breathe and get into the pulsing tones of the chorus. The higher notes that shimmer against the beats enhance the pulsing feeling of the chorus. He has a lot going on in the melody that does not let you go for a second. Gavita’s trumpet sears through the heaviness of the beats for a truly engaging line that is so wonderful. It is a blast of freshness that just tops the single.

While the late trumpet blast is a delightful contrast within the melody, Appiah’s vocals are a smooth slide over the bubbling heaviness. His voice is soulful as he pulls you into the defiant lyrics of the track. There is a laying out of all the bad other people put you through before a defiant exclamation of strength. The backing vocals add depth to the vocal performance that enhances the messaging.

Jonny Spalding with the help of J Appiah and Freddie Gavita hit you with a heavy melody and defiant vocals in ‘Break Me’. While the melody is intense it breaks with the searing trumpet solo that lifts you out of the heaviness. The soulful vocals are smooth against the melody while pushing back with a delightful defiance against bad treatment.

Find out more about Jonny Spalding on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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