Hotel Manlet – Banker’s Dozen (2021)

The atmospheric style of Hotel Manlet continues to shine with their single ‘Banker’s Dozen’. Through their reflective style, they consider the callus sensibilities of the most powerful people in society. Exploring the relationship between the upper echelons of society and working people, they delve into the abhorrent acts they commit with stabbing synths and atmospheric vocals.

The vibrant sound of the music comes from the experimentation of Dylan Senior. While attending Leeds College of Music, he started writing the music that would become Hotel Manlet. His debut EP touched on dissatisfaction in the lives of people he saw and the look into social issues continues with this single. With an ever-evolving sound, he keeps lo-fi sensibilities wrapped around vibrant pop.

The atmospheric vocals that open ‘Banker’s Dozen’ have a hazy feeling to them. The slight delay in the harmonising of the vocals is really interesting and adds a unique edge to the single. As the song progresses, Senior’s vocals get a more melodic flow while retaining their floating atmospherics. While hazy, there is a really reflective touch to the performance that has you sinking into a contemplative state of mind. As you ride the vocal performance, the lyrics consider the greed of certain people in society and how this affects the average person. There is a light poke at these people resting in the lyrics which has been artfully handled.

Resting below the vocals is an extremely interesting melody. There is a lot going on in the music that comes together for a lo-fi dark-wave extravaganza. The synths have a blunted stab to them as they prod you along the soundscape. This warps into a different flow to enhance the haziness and atmospheric feeling of the vocals. The vocals and melody come together for a somewhat psychedelic meditative flow.

Hotel Manlet hit you with an atmospheric yet lo-fi vibe while prodding you into reflective and contemplative lyrics in ‘Banker’s Dozen’. The vocals move from slight delays to melodic flows for a really engaging listening experience. Beneath this, the melody is packed with undulating synths that send you riding down the soundscape.

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