Jordan Bakewell – Get Funky (2020)

There are a lot of things that could be dragging you down right now. What you might need is ‘Get Funky’ by Jordan Bakewell which is sure to lift your spirits and get you smiling. This funky throwback to the disco vibes will have you bouncing in your seat and excited for life. Full of boisterous energy, the track and its music video is a sure way to lighten your day.

The single is the next step in Bakewell’s music career following his debut ‘No Sleep ‘til the Morning’.  Since studying musical theatre and dance at 15, he has been honing his abilities as he works in the performing arts industry. His experience is clear in the polished beats and infectious vibes of this single.

‘Get Funky’ gets you into the beat from the first second. The deep beat of the melody gets your foot tapping while the light twinkling disco notes add this higher vibe. The melody throws you back to the dance grooves of the 80s that gently make you move to the rhythm. The driving melody has this light touch to it that forces you to dance around without making you crazy.

The easy funky vibes of the melody are bolstered by Bakewell’s vocals. His voice has this tenderness as it bounces to the melody. The clarity of the vocals draw you further into the vibe of the track and makes everything more fun than it should be. His performance has these wonderful high notes that are so smooth that you have to smile as you listen.

 If the song itself did not make you want to move, the music video will. Full of people dancing to the beat and having fun while listening, there is something about it that makes the beat even more infectious. The dancers in the video are amazing and so engaging to watch. The lyrics popping up on the screen will make you sing along. Honestly, there is no other option.

Jordan Bakewell will get you moving to the beat and smiling the whole time with the infectious vibes of ‘Get Funky’. The song has a very 80s disco feel, but with the infectious energy turned up to 11. The music video is equally entertaining and will make you want to sing along while dancing.

Find out more about Jordan Bakewell on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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