Lydia Briggs – Morning (2020)

Earlier this year, Lydia Briggs blew us away with the power of her single ‘Not My Mistake’. Well, she is back at it with her latest single ‘Morning’ which is sure to send shivers down your spine. This single combines feelings of longing and love with the haunting tones of Alan Harrell’s cello. Looking at a desire for connection and the uncertainty of love being returned, the track captures the self-doubt and insecurity everyone has felt at some point.

This is all combined with Briggs’ powerful and intense vocals. Her ability to draw out your emotions with her intense songwriting style really hits you in this song. The tension of unknowns in this single not only shines in the music but in the music video as well.

‘Morning’ opens with Briggs’ vocals which hit you with a bluesy folk tone. She starts setting the scene of the song from the first moment before she draws you into a sense of longing. Her emotive performance cuts through you from the smooth lower tones to the high notes that send shivers across your skin. Her performance is as moving as ever and has this power that grabs your heart and squeezes.

While you are sent into a whirlwind of emotions by her vocals, the melody stops you from leaving. It starts out as a stripped-back piano-driven melody that matches the gentle tones of her vocals. The deep entry of the cello hits you with a harder sense of longing that vibrates through your chest. The deep drums pulse through you later on but do not overpower the lighter tones of the cello and piano.

The video for ‘Morning’ has this wonderful simplicity to it that enhances the emotions of the track.  Featuring Briggs alone, there is a poignant sense of longing and insecurity threaded into the visuals. The video is easy to watch and has these amazing transitions from one scene to another. The solitary activities of the video boost her performance. The use of the same opening and closing scene is wonderful as it wraps everything up perfectly.

Lydia Briggs continues to tug on your heartstrings with her powerful single ‘Morning’. Filled with a sense of longing and uncertainty, there is a depth added by the cello and the high notes of her vocal performance. The music video captures the idea that the emotions of the track are always present regardless of what you are doing.

Find out more about Lydia Briggs on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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