Hayden J Barlow – F.L.O (2020)

Walking the line between RnB and jazz, ‘F.L.O’ by Hayden J Barlow is the soulful blend your day is in desperate need of. This debut single combines Barlow’s soulful vocals with some new-age sounds forming a stirring sonic experience. The sound is quickly becoming a staple for him and one that you are going to want to hear more of in the future.

Barlow has been honing his sound since 2018 when he played a range of established festivals and events including Kendal Calling. Having played with bands and other artists, he is now paving the way for his solo career. With this track being his first outing, it’s hard to see what he could do to top it.

‘F.L.O’ hits you with the new-age guitar line from the first moment. This forms a thread that weaves its way into the much jazzier main melody of the track. When those jazz tones hit you, there is nothing that can stop you from moving to the rhythm. The chorus is when you get the infusion of RnB that adds this wonderful smoothness to the single. The combination of jazzy horns, shuffling percussion and something that is pure RnB is hard to overcome as it grips you and will not let up.

The only thing that makes it better is Barlow’s wonderful vocal performance. His voice is as smooth as the melody, but he is able to hit these higher notes perfectly. He also imbues so much emotion into the performance which makes it so easy to connect with the lyrics. His performance has a more RnB vibe to it than jazz, but those horns keep the jazz groove going.

Hayden J Barlow steps out of the gates running with his jazzy, RnB debut single ‘F.L.O’. The track perfectly combines jazz horns with this RnB flow and Barlow’s powerful vocals. It is hard to see how he can top this, but I am excited for what is to come.

Find out more about Hayden J Barlow on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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