Josh Collins – Lemonade (2021)

Josh Collins is hitting out with some sharp lyrics and hazy summer vibes with his single ‘Lemonade’. Dipping into the feeling of FOMO and contrasting it with our natural laziness and desire for comfort, he creates a challenging pop song that you are unlikely to forget. Drawing on the warm feeling of a hot summer day, he washes you in nostalgia and the creeping fear of missing opportunities.

The single is a wonderful follow-up from his debut EP and brings more of his quirky sound to our ears. After releasing his EP, he took some time to explore his sound and influences which resulted in this intriguing single. With honesty and authenticity woven into his sound, Collins connects with listeners on a personal level while unleashing the struggles of life.

‘Lemonade’ brings the hazy heat of a summer’s day to your ears with the nostalgic acoustic guitar line. There is a very chilled vibe to the melody that makes you want to find a spot of sun and relax. When the guitars strum into a rise, you can easily feel the heat of the sun on your skin warming your soul. Through the melody, you feel the rue to relax and sink into the comfort that only comes with a lazy summer day. The easiness of the melody makes the clapping tones fun and you can’t help but enjoy yourself while listening.

Resting over the melody are Collins’ vocals that are as warm as the melody. There is a light folk-pop touch to his performance. This makes the happy vibes of the lyrics shine as you are drawn into the feeling of spending a day with someone you love. As the melody rises, his vocals match for a cool splash of water on your heated skin. Through the lyrics, you are drawn further into the relaxation of the melody, but there is something lurking in the low levels of the performance that throws a spanner in the works. For all the relaxed easiness of the performance, there is an underlying feeling that something is being neglected.

Josh Collins has you sinking into the heat of a summer day with a cooling splash of water in ‘Lemonade’. While the single brings the lazy feeling of a summer’s day with someone you care about, there is also something else lurking in the background. The hazy laziness washes through your senses leaving you feeling relaxed but knowing that this will not last.

Find out more about Josh Collins on his Instagram and Spotify.

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