Bones in Butter – So Alone (2021)

A band that we can’t really get enough of here is Bones in Butter and they tantalising our ears with their latest release ‘So Alone’. This collaborative project had us grooving to hard synths in ‘They Live!’ after wrapping us in the gothic goodness of ‘Her Cave’. Carrying the topic of ‘They Live!’ into their new track, the band deals with the oppressor of the tale who is about to lose his power.

Using amazing social commentary, Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths), Luna Skopelja (vocals), Todor Zivkovic (guitars), Srdjan Popov (bass), Dima Faustov (clarinet) and Marcelo Effori (drums) delve into topics that others shy away from. With a genre-defy sound that borders on the avant-garde, they really get you thinking while having a blast listening to their music. As part of the Songs for a Sane Society album, this single will have you diving into their past releases while eagerly anticipating more.

‘So Alone’ taps into your ears with a slightly metallic feeling before swirling in a complex dance of melodic elements. There is a twinkling futuristic synth note in the higher levels of the melody while the guitars bring a heavier gritty feeling to the lower levels. All of this is washed with a psychedelic edge that sweeps into off-centre surf rock. The blending of all these different styles and genres is masterful and you can’t imagine the sound being any other way. The prowess of the band is on full display as the clarinet trills against humming vocals while the drums roll through your senses. As you are covered in the blended tones, you will feel the urge to move to the melody.

While the melody is really a thing of beauty in its fusion glory, the vocals bring a whole new dimension to the sound. The harmonised vocals in the opening sweep you into the primary vocal line. The vocals have a unique vibe to them as they really lay into the oppressor of the story. Through their movement, the character is pulled down into loneliness of their own making and the realisation that their best years are long gone. It is an interesting contrast between the almost chilled and slightly jovial melody and lonely lyrics.

Bones in Butter continue to fill listeners with the power of their fusion sound in ‘So Alone’ as they contrast loneliness with a chilled melody. There are so many different elements that come together for the melody making is an amazing amalgamation of sound. The vocals add the cherry on the top to get you swaying to the vibes while bringing the story of the oppressor to life.

Find out more about Bones in Butter on their website and Spotify.

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