Just About Done – I Am Getting By (2018)

press image of band just about done
Image courtesy of Just About Done

Australian band, Just About Done, have recently released their third EP titled I Am Getting By.  The band consists of vocalist, Samantha McGee, Michael March on drums and Jack Farnfield on guitar.  These pop punks from Melbourne self-released the EP, and it features the songs ‘Strain’, ‘1029’ and ‘Peacemaker’.

The first song, ‘Strain’, starts quite soft and distant, but quickly dives into the heavy instruments that kickstart the EP.   When McGee comes into the song, we are faced with a very Australian accent, one that fits the song perfectly.  In this song, I found the guitar was the main attraction as it carried the song from the beginning to the end, setting up the rhythm along the way.  The bridge of the track had a perfect mixture of intensity and gentleness that was interesting to listen to.  For me, this song discusses the strain on a relationship, one where you are giving a lot and receiving nothing in return.  It’s the kind of relationship where she’d be better off alone and, by the way the instruments play out, she is mad about it.

‘1029’, the next song off the EP, began with the drums leading the song holding a strong beat, while the rest of the artists came into the song.  I found that this song focused mainly on the instruments, and McGee was difficult to hear which, I think, is the intended purpose.  This song is about being in a situation you know you have to get out of; understanding in your heart that it isn’t healthy, but your mind won’t listen to you.  I think this song is the most relatable off the album and holds so many deeper emotions within its walls.


The final song on the EP is ‘Peacemaker’.  This song is quite different from the rest of the EP as the vocals are in the forefront of the song, leaving the instruments to play back up only.  McGee’s voice is like a beacon, and the instruments are boats, and what a great beacon it is.  My understanding of this song is of a man who calls himself a peacemaker, but all he is doing is causing trouble for everyone around him.  He is confusing her and changing the person she was.  It is a powerful song with a lot of hurt and heartbreak interlaced throughout.

The EP cover is of a nurse planted in the middle of a rose, which is quite a stand-out and attractive design.  The design is similar to that of a 1950s tattoo design.  McGee said that her ambitions for this EP lie with bringing art back to music, and I think that is what they have accomplished with the design.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this EP and the songs the band selected for it.  I think the band did well in mingling the art and music, and crossing boundaries when it comes to creativity.  Each song off the EP was put forward to showcase each band member’s talents.  ‘Strain’ allowed Jack Farnfield on guitar to perform, ‘1029’ gave Michael March the freedom on drums and, finally, Samantha McGee showcased her vocals in ‘Peacemaker’.  Each song was different and unique, just like the band singing the songs.

“Listening to albums from start to finish; attaching music to memories; really being there in that point in time.  Listening and watching a performance, rather than watching through a screen.  We know it’s possible.” – Samantha McGee

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