Just Like Cosmonauts – So It Goes (2020)

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If your introduction to Just Like Cosmonauts was an ear-splitting blast of alternative rock, then we’re in the same boat. Before March 21st, I had no idea of this British group. One of the perks of reviewing music is discovering hidden gems among the pebbles. The downside is the alluring nature of these gems can result in a musical obsession. I think I found my latest obsession.

Hailing from South Devon, Tommy Chalk, Ross Musgrove and Jamie Colley have formed one of the more talented trios to pass my digital desk. It’s hard to believe that the trio is relatively new with ‘So It Goes’ being only their third single. The cohesion heard in their repertoire supports a full understanding of instruments, music and each other. But before I go off on a tangent, let’s get down to business and chat about ‘So It Goes’.

Someone once said that music is emotion, a natural means of self-expression. ‘So It Goes’ is evidence of a pensive, powerful and poignant single. Written shortly after the unexpected death of vocalist and guitarist Tommy Chalk’s father, the track is a catharsis to deal with personal loss. Despite being a toe-tapper in some parts, ‘So It Goes’ holds a tragic but relatable message – while one thing can turn your world upside down, the world will continue turning with or without you.

A skilled combination of instruments with Chalk’s vocals conveys the pain behind the lyrics. However, it’s not only the singing that will break your heart (in a good way); the guitar, bass and drums all play a role in the bleak tale. The compelling guitar solo infused with Colley’s powerful drumming makes the final minute of ‘So It Goes’ chaotic but at the same time steady. Finding yourself in a world of confusion and disarray but with a fixed core.

Reminiscent of Soundgarden with the attitude of Incubus and modernity of Asking Alexandria, this threesome is set to make a name for themselves. In a few years, Chalk could rival Chris Cornell – perhaps he already can.

To put it simply: Just Like Cosmonauts is a band. A real band with instruments and everything. They are not a fake band but a real band with an honest and authentic sound. Just Like Cosmonauts is a band you should hear and love.

Check out more from Just Like Cosmonauts on their Facebook, Spotify and Youtube.
Just Like Cosmonauts has been added to OSR’s Lockdown Playlist – check it out!

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  • March 26, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Just wait until you see them live!!! The online tracks are amazing, but on stage they sound even better ???

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