TINY – Good Life (2020)

Anyone who is striving for a better life will be able to relate to ‘Good Life’, the vibrant single from TINY. A bittersweet track wrapped in an infectious electronic pop soundscape, it considers how we strive for the next best thing while ignoring the small things in life that make it worthwhile. The vulnerable vocals open TINY up in a way her previous releases haven’t while reminding listeners that life can be amazing if you have the right perspective.

A true step forward in her musicality, the single showcases the musical craftmanship she has to offer. Carefully crafted and designed by TINY from the synths to the drums, the music comes straight from her heart to offer a connection to anyone needing it.

‘Good Life’ lightly pulls you into the single with a humming opening. This wisps into an atmospheric melody full of clouds of music puffing around you before clapping tones and beats hit. The melody explodes with activity for the chorus as it propels you into the soundscape. As the melody drips after the chorus, the shuffling tones get your shoulders moving to them. There is a great flow to the music that pumps you up while engaging your senses.

The emotions of the track come through in TINY’s vocals. She enters the song smoothly while building up the story of the lyrics. There is an enthralling movement to her vocals as she lays out all the things the good life should have. This turns for the chorus as she considers how things could be sweeter if we look at what we already have. The single is really motivating as it encourages you to reach for what you want while staying grounded and appreciating what you already have.

TINY uses a captivating melody and smooth vocals to encourage you to reach for your dreams while appreciating what you already have in ‘Good Life’. Through the bittersweet lyrics, you glimpse at what people want and how this can be sweeter when you consider it with the right perspective. The music offers a steady flow that you can ride while getting lost in the vocals.

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