Juva – Forsaken (2020)

The last year has been an emotional rollercoaster for a lot of people. If you are looking for a single that captures the vast swings of our emotions, Juva has what you need with ‘Forsaken’. Through the single, you are taken from questioning everything to the depths of despair. While the single laments, there is a brighter conclusion as it sends out a rallying cry to cling to the good in life.

With this single, Juva continues his movement through the shadows of the world while bringing out the good vibes. Drawing on influences from Khalid to Ebenezer, he offers up an RnB fuelled rap ride. Capturing late-night contemplations, waves of distress and hope for the future, Juva hits you with a raw outpour of emotions.

‘Forsaken’ draws you in with an intriguing progressive opening. The vocal lines are joined with glitchy sounds that add a rhythm to the building flow of the vocals. The two lines easily slide into pulsing beats that lightly hover over them. There is a wonderful trap beat to the melody that melds with an easy flowing vibe. While the opening vocal line remains, the other tones come and go which is a great sonic representation of emotions and how they swing.

The melody forms an intriguing foundation for Juva’s vocals. His smooth voice adds an RnB slide to the single while drawing you easily through the track. Close to the end of the song, the RnB movement of his performance swings to more emo rap to perfectly end on a rallying cry. While moving to his performance, the lyrics come at you with the emotions of the last year. The lyrics offer a modern lamentation before the emo-rap section swings to shine a light on hope for the future and the need to hold onto the good in life.

Juva has also released a music video for the single which opens with scenes of the beach and forests. You are then taken to forest-covered ruins and beaches of the Lake District National Park where Juva sings to the camera. This is an easy video to watch the captures the easy melody while still offer the emotional impact of the track. Watching the video does add a little something to the music and it is well worth a view.

Juva takes you on an emotional rollercoaster before offering you a glimmer of hope for the future with the easy slide of ‘Forsaken’. His vocals offer an RnB vibe before turning to emo-rap as he laments the past year. The melody forms a foundation for his vocals while offering their own sonic representation of emotional swings.

Find out more about Juva on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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