Rachel Gleddie – Silhouette (2020)

The bittersweet feeling of loving and losing someone only to learn how to let go when it seems impossible is what ‘Silhouette’ by Rachel Gleddie is all about. The emotional toll of these moments is brought to life through the lush blend of vocals and instruments Gleddie seems to effortlessly create. Through her music, you are able to connect instantly with the emotions of the track.

Influenced by a range of musical genres, Gleddie does not beat around the bush when it comes to the emotional impact of her songs. She fills you with heartache while drawing you into her intriguing and contemplative melodies. The relatable content of her music makes her upcoming debut EP one to look out for.

‘Silhouette’ hits you with the bitter part of the bittersweet vibes from the first moment. The vocal harmonies of the opening set a sombre tone that continues through the single. Flowing above these harmonies is Gleddie who draws you into the emotions of the story. She compounds the sombre tones of the harmonies at first but gently moves to something lighter. Her performance moves you from the sadness of losing someone to knowing that there is something of them that stays with you.

While the vocals do a lot of work pushing the emotions of the track, the melody plays a large role in the swings of emotion. During the sombre times of the song, there is a piano line lightly working in the background. This gives way to a guitar that lifts the mood slightly before you are hit with some electronic tones. At this point, the melody turns into something more accepting before you are hit with driving tones. This is that final emotional push you need to learn to let go.

Rachel Gleddie brings the emotional toll of love, loss and letting go to musical life in the lush soundscape of ‘Silhouette’. The song is packed with relatable moments as the rich vocals and expressive melody swell with emotions.

Find out more about Rachel Gleddie on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Sportify.

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