Katherine Nagy – Magnolia Tree (2021)

If you are looking for a single that puts a smile on your face and has you clapping your hands, you are in the right place. Katherine Nagy takes you on a journey into the tale of finding love under a magnolia tree in her first track of the year. The aptly titled ‘Magnolia Tree’ is packed with sincere lyrics and sweet vocals that capture the tenderness of finding love and the gentle blossoming of affection deep in your chest.

Nagy (vocals) is joined by Austin Johnson (guitar), Bethany Robinson (upright bass), Lorin Lemme (drums) and Steven Potaczek (keys) for this single. Johnson and Nagy met in 2017 and have been regularly performing together ever since and have expanded their duo into a trio with Robinson. With the full band, Nagy has released 25 original songs and gained a serious following who fall into the positive and energetic sound of their music.

Katherine Nagy’s vocals open ‘Magnolia Tree’ and pull you into the story of the track. Her voice is incredibly catchy as it weaves through your ears with an old school folky big band vibe. Her performance has a sweetness that is like nectar dripping from the flowers of the tree. As you listen to her sing, there is no way to stop a smile from forming. The lyrics have a vintage edge to them that merges with the sincere clarity and retro vibes of her voice. You can easily imagine her singing this song in an old dance hall with her band behind her and people dancing.

Under her vocals rests a melody that is as vintage as her performance. The upright bass vibrates through you as the clapping tones make you want to clap with. The piano line brings a light dance to the beats before the melody flows into a toe-tapping arrangement. There is a melodic bridge that really lets the piano shine and makes you want to dance around with someone you love. The melody and vocals combine for a delightful listening experience that will make you feel good without fail.

Katherine Nagy has you clapping, dancing and smiling to the infectious vintage tones of ‘Magnolia Tree’ while basking in the good vibes. Both the vocals and melody have a retro vibe that brings the image of old dance halls to mind. Her vocal performance is catchy while the melody bolsters the dancing tones of her voice.

Find out more about Katherine Nagy on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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