Spence Paull – Crush (2021)

At some point, most of us have ad a crush on someone but there are few songs that aptly capture this feeling and turn it into sound. ‘Crush’ by Spencer Paull is one of the songs that are able to do just that. The addictive pop stylings of the track wrap around giddy happiness, butterflies in the stomach and that smile you can’t get off your face.

With a touch of funk, Paull combines danceable pop tones with her signature rhythm guitar and brass for the perfect sonic representation of a crush. Inspiration for the single came from jazz chord structures and the lyrical stories of musical theatre. This has been woven into Paull’s unique and dynamic sound for a song that really reminds you of the giddiness of a crush.

The vibrating bass that opens ‘Crush’ gets into your bones from the first moment and hooks you to the sound. There is an infectious movement to the beats that get your feet tapping and shoulders moving. There is no way you can stay still while listening to this melody as the brass section blasts from the background and the beats shake you up. The music has this delightful dynamic movement that puts a smile on your face and fills you with the energy of the track. The melody is one that you want to turn up and blast from your speakers to have a good time.

As the music gets you moving to the rhythm, Paull’s vocals bring the bright touch of a crush. When her vocals enter, there is a jazzy touch to them as she drops you into the anxious feeling of being around someone you have a crush on. The chorus asks the hard question while getting you singing along. There is something about the movement of her performance that fills your stomach with all the emotions of a crush from anxiety to giddiness and that vibrating feeling that makes you shake. Her vocals also add to the bright energy of the melody make this a real earworm.

Spencer Paull has you dancing around and feeling a little giddy as you ride the waves of emotion that comes from a ‘Crush’. The melody vibrates into your bones and makes you want to blare it from your speakers. The vocals pick up the vibrant energy of the music that gives it direction while inundating your senses.

Find out more about Spence Paull on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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