Katie Melua – A Love Like That (2020)

I fell in love with Katie Melua over 15 years ago in 2003 when she released her debut album Call Off The Search. I spent several months with ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ on repeat in my head. Do you realise how annoying that can be? Fortunately, ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ is a truly kick-ass song!

I’ll admit, I stopped listening to Katie Melua for several years – I think the last track I really listened to was ‘Nine Million Bicycles’. A bit neglectful, but I still enjoy her soulful vocals and simple instrumentation. One of her newer gems is ‘A Love Like That’.

A unique singer with a highly distinctive voice, Melua has always known what suits her and what does not. Soulful and dynamic, but in a quiet way, she has always stood out from the rest; however, ‘A Love Like That’ is where she really shines. Songwriting at its best, the track is highly personal exploring the complexities of real-life love and comparing it to a less intense fairytale counterpart. Speak about a sexy Disney princess!

While ‘A Love Like This’ is a powerful track showing Melua’s maturity as a musician, it teeters on the edge of overly-commercial. Fortunately, the depth of the song and Melua’s effortless vocals help find the delicate balance between pretentious and sincere. I don’t know if I’ll have ‘A Love Like That’ on repeat, but it will definitely be on my personal playlist. I can’t wait for her new album Album No. 8 to drop and reclaim my spot as a Melua fan.

Find out more about Katie Melua on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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