Kayla Farrish – Unlucky (2021)

Inspired by the likes of Sum 41, All Time Low and One Republic, Kayla Farrish is a beautiful singer-songwriter with a badass attitude. While the US-based artist has been writing songs from a young age, it was only in 2018 that she began releasing music and I’m so glad she did. Featured on various online radio stations and playlists, including iHeart Radio, this gem is reaching audiences on different continents – the joy of the internet. Not yet a performing artist, I have yet to determine how she engages with audiences on stage; however, her singles definitely show she has talent that connects with listeners. The latest single from Farrish is ‘Unlucky’.

Following her debut EP Bottom Line (released in 2020), Farrish nods to the emo/pop-punk groups of the early 2000s in ‘Unlucky’. Reminiscent of All Time Low in melody, there is a harmonic blend between guitars, drums and vocals. Recorded at Los Angele’s Brewery Recording Studio, ‘Unlucky’ has a melodic arrangement with each element coming together in an infectious way. Catchy crescendoes exist between the vocals and easy guitar riffs enhancing the message of this intimate single.

As with many songs from the pop-punk/emo/pop-rock genre, the track uses a personal narrative to connect with audiences and share poignant tales. According to Farrish, ‘Unlucky was written “…immediately after a super bad breakup; I was at a point where I kind of felt like all of my relationships were doomed and that I was just unlucky.” This is a situation many of us face, particularly in these uncertain times when isolation makes relationships far more fragile. Exposing the fragility of the human soul through this tender song showcases not only Farrish’s insight but also her maturity.

The moment I listened to this song I had to stop to see if I had made a mistake and hit Paramore on my personal playlist. While she may not have the experience or discography like Paramore, Farrish’s vocals are a Hayley Williams meets Fefe Dobson quality which is utterly delightful. My prediction: give Farrish a few more years and her sophisticated sound will easily rival some of the more established acts like Williams and Dobson. Definitely a diamond in the rough.

For more from Kayla Farrish check out her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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