Track of the Day: Jesse Grossi – My Demise

A regular feature on The Other Side Reviews, Jesse Grossi is no stranger to our virtual desk. Oddly enough, the majority of Grossi’s features are as our Track of the Day; I suppose, we just love him so much he takes that prestigious place in our ears and hearts. Finding the line between Sublime, Rancid, Bob Marley and Green Day, the US-based multi-instrumentalist has a unique and engaging sound. While we have a strong positive opinion of this singer-songwriter, he has also featured on several other notable blogs including Rising Artists Blog, RGM, Roadie Music and Talk About Pop Music. Today we look at one of his latest singles ‘My Demise’.

Following his rock-inspired single ‘Que Sera Sera’, Grossi adds a mellow ska style in ‘My Demise’. Very reminiscent of Sublime, ‘My Demise’ has a toe-tapping and head-bopping effect but not in the line of any contemporary pop genre. It’s true there are elements that might endear the song to pop fans, but it is ultimately a mish-mash of rock, indie and ska in the soothing melody. It is fascinating to learn that Grossi performs all the instrumentation from guitars to drums and vocals showcasing his true natural talent as an artist.

Recorded in his home studio with Andres Ferias assisting with mixing and mastering the track, ‘My Demise’ is a well-arranged single presenting a harmonic blend of various elements in the melody. Moreover, Grossi’s dulcet vocals hold a tenderness but also a laidback softness in the jovial tune. The song reminds me of the South African band Tweak (now dissolved) taking me back to the 90s and my introduction to rock-reggae.

Grossi shared that he “…just enjoyed the process of making the song from the frustrating to the pleasant times” and that is evident in both execution and lyricism. Using a personal narrative, ‘My Demise’ has a laidback conversational as he shares tales of past mistakes and how to learn from these errors. It is by no means a lecture but a reflective and nostalgic chat with a friend who happens to know a little bit more than you do.

In addition to the single, Grossi released an official lyric video for ‘My Demise’. Adding a visual element to his moving track, Grossi allows us to follow his protagonist in this animation-style video. The images are interesting and amusing and are a sonic representation of the meaning of ‘My Demise’ – learning from your mistakes and taking action to ensure change. The video can be viewed below.

For more from Jesse Grossi check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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