The Jones Project – Cool Mama (2020)

The longing to finally be treated respectfully by another is the basis of ‘Cool Mama’ by The Jones Project. The single tells the tale of a man who is strangely infatuated with someone who does not respect him very much, lies and cheats. While he wants this to change, he doesn’t want to cause turmoil and takes the approach of staying cool about everything. The tale is told through floating guitars, groovy bass and ethereal backings.

Callum Martin, the sole artist behind The Jones Project, created this single as a brief demo in 2017. Using drums recorded by Pete Catada, he has refined the demo to create the smooth track you hear today. Drawing from a range of influences, he infuses his storytelling with an atmospheric pulse to transport you into the scenes.

‘Cool Mama’ has a very groovy opening full of notes that make you want to slowly move to them. The combination of deep and light tones forms a haze that sets the tone of the track. There is a little burst of nostalgia threaded into the notes that makes you think about psychedelia of the past. The melody is really chill and easy to listen to. While the bassline gives you a great grounding, the higher notes that come and go add a little something to it.

Martin’s vocals have a dreamy quality that adds to the hazy groovy melody. His vocals sit over the melody like a curling tendril of smoke. The flow of his voice also enhances the groovy vibes of the song as he draws you into the lyrics. He is able to transport you into the story of the song and you are filled with the sense of wanting things to change while being unable to be without the person treating you badly.

The Jones Project tells the tale of longing to be respected while trying to playing things cool in ‘Cool Mama’. This groovy single wraps around you from start to finish with wonderful guitar lines and enthralling vocals. Martin is able to fill you with the emotions of the protagonist and easily place you in his predicament.

Find out more about The Jones Project on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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